Jackets, Tops & Pants from BLACK by K&M

BLACK by K&M cannot be explained without telling the story of Klaes and Myra. They are the K&M in BLACK by K&M. Founders of the company Klaes&Myra’s. After spreading multi colour floral dresses over Europe in the early years, they nowadays can be considered as founders of an established avantgarde inspired brand. They are also driving forces behind their two. This is where style and design meet. Klaes, Myra and their team: working on things they love

Top ‘I Want to Have Fun’. A 100% American Fleece, cotton top. It has diagonal seams, which add a unique visual texture to the shirt, making it stand out from more conventional styles. The asymmetrical look created by these seams can also add a touch of avant-garde style to this shirt.  Neckline: Round neckline Model wears: EU 36… Color: Black with Grey.

Pant ‘You Are Looking Great’. A 100% striped, cotton pant. Color: Black with Grey.

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